Gibraltar – March 26, 2019 –KABN (Gibraltar) Limited (“KABN”), an integrated financial solutions provider with a biometric, Blockchain based, Always On, identity verification platform and a digital currencies-to-fiat Visa prepaid card, banking wallet and loyalty program has partnered with Bounty0x (, a leading company in digital token marketing , to promote KABN’s Equity Token offering at Bounty0x will manage the bounty-based program, providing qualified individuals with the ability to engage in approved marketing tasks to receive earned fees for specific, approved activities, or “bounties”, which fees can be claimed for KABN Tokens through KABN’s partnership with UK based, Equity Crowdfunding Portal, Tokenise (

The initial, mandatory tasks on the Bounty0x platform include registration on KABN’s whitelist, KYC & AML (Know Your Customer & Anti Money Laundering) verification and registration at Tokenise. This process will ensure that only qualified individuals can receive KABN Tokens in accordance with jurisdictional securities laws, rules and regulations. Those qualified and approved individuals can participate in a series of approved marketing tasks where they will earn fees that can be converted to KABN Tokens and/or fiat, where applicable.

Bounty0x will also integrate KABN’s Identity verification to their platform, thus making KABN a preferred partner for its client programs.

“We are excited to be the first company to partner with Bounty0x and Tokenise to showcase this innovative approach to bring crowdfunding to digital securities,” commented Michael Konikoff, KABN CRO. “KABN’s Digital identity verification is a key component of this program, reinforcing KABN’s business platform and offering.”

Mr. Angelo Adam, Co-founder and CEO of Bounty0x said, “Harnessing the power of the crowd is an important step in the evolution of digital securities and this program provides the means to bring this process to life.”

Interested in participating in this program, please visit:

About Bounty0x

Bounty0x is a cryptocurrency bounty hunting platform. Earn cryptocurrency and tokens by completing simple marketing, software development, and creative tasks.

About Tokenise

Tokenise is leading a new future in tokenised securities, disrupting existing methodologies in

equity, debt, tokenised assets, funds and securitisation. Tokenise will facilitate direct ownership

into tokenised securities and equity. For investors and founders, tokenisation facilitates liquidity,

transparency, and accountability.

The Tokenise approach is fully compliant with the UK’s FCA regulatory framework. Using our

platform, start-ups and established companies will be able to raise capital from investors through

digital certificates that represent ownership in a safe and transparent environment. As well as the

crowdfunding for the primary market, Tokenise will also create a secondary market for curated

tokens, where token holders can buy and sell security tokens directly, initially this will be on a

bilateral basis only through a Bulletin board. Tokenise is in the planning stage to acquire the

correct licences to build a tokenised exchange with the aim of having a multi-jurisdictional single

platform exchange.

Tokenise is a trademark and operations company of Kession Capital. Active in the Blockchain

since 2015, Kession is a securities market dealer expertise is compliance and registration, has

been a FCA regulated organization since 2012 and has been active in the crowdfunding

community since 2013. Learn more at

About KABN

KABN, an integrated financial service platform offering neo banking type solutions, has received approval by Visa to launch its crypto-linked card and banking wallet program. KABN has partnered with Transact Payments Ltd, a European e-money institution and Principal Member of Visa, global processor GPS and platform technology provider Pannovate to launch the program in the UK and subsequently the EEA in the 2nd quarter of the year.

Branded the Pegasus Flyte Visa card, the KABN card program offers an “on/off ramp” conversion process for a variety of cryptocurrencies to fiat together with multi-currency fiat transactions. Cardholders will be able to use their Pegasus Flyte Visa cards to spend in-store, online, and at ATMs wherever Visa is accepted globally.

The Pegasus Flyte program will also offer a robust loyalty and customer engagement platform. The anchor of the program is KABN ID, a Blockchain and biometrically-based, “Always On” validation and verification process. This patent-pending, GDPR compliant process allows for efficient and frictionless customer acquisition and onboarding. Learn more at

For further information, please contact:

For Bounty0x: Angelo Adam, CEO

For Tokenise:
Mike Kessler, CEO


Michael Konikoff, CRO

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