Application Review

Liquid Avatar Referral Rewards Agent Application Review Process

Version 1.0 March 2020
Once you (the “Agent” also referred to as “you” or “your”) have registered for the Liquid Avatar Referral Rewards Agent Program, our team (“Liquid Avatar” also referred to as “we“ or “our”) will review your registration information. We reserve the right at any time to review and verify all of the registration information and online information (“Sites”) you’ve provided (websites, mobile apps, social networks, etc.) to ensure that they meet, at our sole discretion, our program and customer experience requirements.

All Sites must have robust original content (even when advertising is removed) – a good rule of thumb is at least 12 posts within the last 60 days. They must be publicly available (for example, they should not be a closed group, or behind any type of paywall).

Agents and / or Sites that our review team, at our sole discretion, deems unsuitable will be rejected and those Agents and Sites shall not be permitted participate in the Liquid Avatar Referral Rewards Agent Program under any circumstance.

Below, you’ll find the type of value we are expecting for each category. Please review this information carefully before making your submission and during your initial review period which could take up 30 calendar days. We will reject applications that do not meet these standards.

Once an application has been rejected, we are not able to reassess it. Remember to keep your Site list updated so that we are reviewing the correct traffic sources. We also reserve the right to, from time to time and at our sole discretion, conduct random reviews of all information provided by the Agent and / or any public information available. If any new Sites are used by you as an Agent, it is your responsibility to provide us with updated information.

Content on your website must be recent (generally within the last 60 days). You must own your website.

Mobile Apps, 3rd Party Websites, Traffic and Clicks

All information related to Liquid Avatars displaying on a Mobile Application and / or 3rd party website or traffic source / network must be approved by Liquid Avatar in advance. This includes Run of Network (“RoN”), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and other marketing activities.

Social Networks
We primarily accept the following social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (including open group pages and fan pages), YouTube,, WeChat, WhatsApp and TikTok. Other social networks may be considered. Your application must clearly list your searchable account or group. Your social network account or group must be established, with a substantive number of organic followers/likes (in most cases, at least 100). It must be publicly available (for example, no closed group pages).

Incentive Programs
Any Liquid Avatar Referral Rewards Program Agent that intends to offer any type of incentives to any potential referral must submit those incentives for approval in advance. Such submissions which will be reviewed and a decision will be rendered, at the sole discretion of the Issuer.

Charities, Schools, Associations, Organizations and other Networks
Non-Profits, Schools, Associations, Organizations and other Networks can join the Liquid Avatar Referral Rewards Agent Program by clicking the “Join Now” button to access the application.

Items for consideration:

  • Organizations may want to create a new e-mail address specifically for their Liquid Avatar Referral Rewards Program accounts. This allows an Agent to transfer the responsibilities of the program to different individuals over time. The Agent will be responsible for all its Liquid Avatar Referral Rewards Program activities, regardless of the assigned individual activities.
  • If you are registering as a non-profit organization, you may be required to provide a Federal op Government Tax ID depending on your geographic location. If you earn more than the required minimum threshold, we may be required by law to send you appropriate documentation for your reward earnings.


All Agents will be required to complete a KABN ID profile and meet our KYC (know your customer) and Anti-Money Laundering Level 3 standards and have a Liquid Avatar.

As the KABN (Gibraltar) Limited (the “Issuer” or “KABN”), the owner of Liquid Avatar, deems necessary, a Referral Agent may have to verify themselves using Liquid Avatar, KABN ID or other form of verification, including but not limited to biometrics, PINs, Authenticators and / or 2 factor authentication (2FA). This is for the protection and safety of both the Agent and the Issuer. Back to top

Tax Interviews

Where applicable, the Liquid Avatar Referral Reward Agent may have to comply with a Tax / Verification Video interview prior to any payment or at any time required by law. Failure to comply with this process may result in forfeiture of any rewards and termination from the Program. If a Tax Interview is required, the Referral Rewards Agent will be contacted through the email in our registration records and provided with a process to be completed. The Referral Reward Agent will have 10 calendar days to respond. Back to top

Rewards Levels

Referral Rewards Program: Silver: Gold Titanium:
Minimum Referrals Per Level 1 100 1,000
Reward Per Referral ($USD) $0.10 $0.15 $0.25
Paid Activites 5% 7% 10%
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