Introducing Liquid AvatarsTM

Unlimited Designs

These are just a few samples of some of the creative custom options. Many more will be available.


Change facial expressions


Numerous Nationalities


Numerous Personalities

Avatar Icons

Icon images are the ideal solution for brands.

What’s a Liquid Avatar?

A simple way to think of a Liquid Avatar is to start with an Emoji (those “thumbs up” / “smiley face” images you use on texts and social media) in combination with your private and public data and amplified to a whole new level!

According to Adweek, since around 2015, approximately 92% of people use emojis online. Almost everyone at one time or another uses these simple images to convey a thought or message. They are “sticky” because they are easy to use, increase personal efficiencies and are free.

Liquid Avatars take this concept to the next step by starting with a fully custom-designed representation of you (character, fantasy, icon, etc.) that can be used online, through email, text, social media, games, and on the web to represent you as a person.

Traditional Avatars are generally low grade and have minimal design and creativity. Liquid Avatars can reflect your personality and style with high quality images by utilizing our self-serve Creative Studio (you will also be able to make changes in the studio). Liquid Avatars can be created and fully customized on a bespoke basis for celebrities, influencers, brands and individuals.

KABN NA is taking it one step further by not only providing the image, but also securely powering it via KABN ID, a reusable, verified identity platform powered by blockchain-based technology and biometrics (facial recognition and eventually other factors, like voice, fingerprint, etc.), ensuring that no two Avatars are ever the same and also giving you easy to use, complete and secure control over your image and connected information. We call that a Liquid Avatar (and have trademarked the name).

Today, your Liquid Avatar will have a personal URL and QR code. In the future, using tools like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), you will be able to have your Liquid Avatar available to use like a credit card in the conventional world. As technology accelerates, we expect that a Liquid Avatar will be able to migrate to the VR world as a fully enabled 3D, interactive character, allowing you to take your “real world” personality and data ownership to the virtual environment.

What’s the Value of a Liquid Avatar?

Like a traditional Passport or Wallet, Liquid Avatars make it easier to prove that “you are you” when you’re online, potentially reducing Identity Theft. By storing information securely, outside of your phone, tablet, computer, etc. and having biometric access and control, you can decide who sees what and when.

A Liquid Avatar can reflect your style, achievements, affiliations and will, in the future be able to include additional items like hats, bandanas, etc. that will have commercial branding that can be earned and / or purchased. This process increases the “gamification” aspects of Liquid Avatars, creating additional value for the user and “stickiness”.

All a person needs to do is to share their Liquid Avatar to allow others to see certain public, and where necessary, private information through authenticated permissions.

A Liquid Avatar will be used to store your private identity with KABN ID, intake private information from a variety of sources, potentially manage your passwords and more. No more fumbling around trying to remember or find information. KABN ID’s features inside of your Liquid Avatar allows you to confirm authentication with biometrics making it easy to use digital recognition to confirm that you are the owner of the information.

You can even add a “trusted person” in the event that you have an emergency or need to manage a young person’s information.

This is a revolutionary change to the way we store, retrieve and manage our private and public data. Companies can use Liquid Avatars too!

How secure is a Liquid Avatar?

Using blockchain technology, each Liquid Avatar will have a unique private “key” that will be placed in Cold Storage with an insured facility and enhanced biometric controls to access your baseline information. Additionally, where needed, a trustee can be added to the Liquid Avatar for further parental, caregiver or corporate control.

How do I get a Liquid Avatar and what does it cost?

Today, you can sign up to be among the first to get your Liquid Avatar

Once the platform is live, using our self-serve creative studio, users will be able to create and secure their Liquid Avatars along with a personal profile page on the web where they can provide links to their social media and other information.

For consumers, Liquid Avatars are FREE. We want to give everyone the chance to have an online, reusable public and private identity that is visual and secure.

How does KABN NA create revenues from a Liquid Avatar?

KABN NA is already in discussions with associations, digital currency platforms, affinity groups, colleges and universities, medical records professionals and others to discuss the onboarding of online private identity using KABN ID. These groups represent millions of people in the US and Canada and we’re just getting started.

With the integration of Liquid Avatars, KABN NA can add both private and public user data to a single record or Avatar and work with commercial enterprises to match needs, create offers and bring a continuous flow of revenue to the KABN NA ecosystem on a permission basis, with KABN NA receiving a fee for every interaction.

Liquid Avatar Features

Creating your own custom Liquid Avatar

Once you’ve opened an account with KABN ID and provided some details to confirm your identity, you’ll be invited to our Creative Studio where you can either create a personal Liquid Avatar with our wide selection of customized avatar features or upload your own image. It’s easy, fun and FREE!

After you’ve created and confirmed your Liquid Avatar, behind the scenes, we’ll be securing it with Blockchain based technologies that will make sure that only you, or a trusted designate that you assign, can access your Liquid Avatar.

Controlling Permissions

Now that you’ve created a Liquid Avatar, the next thing you need to decide is who gets to see your content.

Through our Private and Public registries, you will be able to select categories and add information that you can control and confirm. You can also identify what information has permissions (Private) and what information doesn’t (Public).

After you’ve made your selections and confirmed your information, you’re ready to go. If you want to change your selections, you can do so at any time using your KABN ID.

Using / Sharing a Liquid Avatar

Using your Liquid Avatar makes public information easy to share with others! Just text, email, post or show your QR Code, URL, or, in the future, your personal RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tag. It’s that easy. No typing links, sending confusing messages or remembering complicated passwords. Just share your Liquid Avatar and when someone clicks on it, they’ll get the info that you want to share.

For private information, sharing your Liquid Avatar starts the authentication process.

Your Liquid Avatar acts like a keyring for your private information “keys”. Once you send a Liquid Avatar for private authentication, the recipient can ping your Liquid Avatar (or keyring) for authentication through KABN ID. You then can answer using biometrics to confirm that it’s you and provide them with the key to unlock only that requested item. Simple and easy!

Liquid Avatar can reduce the possibility of Identity fraud, as only you can answer the request for authentication. This process can potentially reduce the need for passwords and even reduce hacks that leave your devices, games and other valuables vulnerable to authentication and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) scams.

You send your Liquid Avatar and then authenticate – always keeping control over your private information.

Your Liquid Avatar Personal Profile Page

Each Liquid Avatar gets its own personal URL and webpage to be able to share certain public information, achievements, badges, avatar features (new and exciting features as they become available) as well as links to social media, game rankings, and other great content about you that you decide is public information. Private information is never displayed on a Personal Profile Page.

When you share your Liquid Avatar, a recipient can quickly and easily connect and follow you on your favorite social media pages. You never need to text, type, voice message or post a message to share a link. It’s all right there in your Liquid Avatar.

Other great Liquid Avatar features

Blockchain-based security – Liquid Avatars are supported by NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), allowing users to have secure ownership over their Liquid Avatar. Private keys will be held in Cold Storage with access only through biometric authentication.

Access to special offerings – Liquid Avatar holders will be entitled to participate in a variety of unique and custom offerings, on a permission basis, tailored to their needs and lifestyles.

Business Solutions – There’s a Liquid Avatar for every person and every business. Whether it’s a small business or large corporation, we can create a Liquid Avatar program that works for you. For more information, please contact us.

Apps and Device Integration – Liquid Avatar can be embedded in a host of apps and device authentication processes. For more information, please contact us.

What happens in an emergency?

Liquid Avatars allows owners to add trusted designates to perform certain functions when a Liquid Avatar user is not available. Only the primary user can add other users and set permissions for access to information.

This can be critically important with medical / government information or in the case that a user is unable to respond to certain information requests.

The Liquid Avatar Ecosystem

The Liquid Avatar Ecosystem is comprised of a number of secure, public and revenue focused components, allowing users to control the viewing and authentication of information through KABN ID and a single image “passport”.

Join Liquid Avatar

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